2 Days 1 Night Cebu Tour Package A: Cebu City Tour with Sirao Garden + Round South Cebu Tour (Oslob Whale Watching + Kawasan Canyoneering) [2D1N-A]

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TITLE: 2 Days 1 Night Cebu Tour Package A: Cebu City Tour with Sirao Garden + Round South Cebu Tour (Oslob Whale Watching + Kawasan Canyoneering) [2D1N-A]

South Cebu Tour 2D1N Tour Package Tourist Destinations to Visit / Tour Itinerary: Sirao Garden + Cebu City Tour [Temple Of Leah, taoist temple, basilica del sto niño church, magellan’s cross, cathedral church, cebu heritage monument, san diego yap ancestral house, fort san pedro, sugbo museum, lapu-lapu shrine, alegre guitar factories, 10K roses] + Round South Cebu Tour [Oslob Whale Watching, Inambakan Falls, Kawasan Canyoneering, Kawasan Falls]
Total Number of Tourist Spots: 17


2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N) Cebu Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1: Cebu City Tour [Standard Cebu Twin City Tour with Sirao Garden]
09:00AM – Pickup at Hotel within Cebu City/Mandaue City/Lapu-Lapu City or Mactan Airport
(Note: Cebu City Tour start time can be adjusted based on your arrival/preferred time. Possible Start Time is from 6:00AM until 11:00AM to make sure we can finish all the tour itinerary for the day)
10:00AM - Arrival at Sirao Garden

  • Sirao Garden - The Little Amsterdam Of Cebu
  • Temple Of Leah
  • Taoist Temple
  • Taboan Market
  • Sto Niño Church
  • Magellans Cross
  • Cebu Cathedral Church
  • Cebu Heritage Monument
  • San Diego Yap Ancestral-House
  • Fort San Pedro
  • Museo Sugbu / Cebu Museum
  • Alegre Guitar Factories
  • Lapu-Lapu Shrine
  • 10,000 Roses
(Note: Order may not be followed depending on actual start time and traffic situation)

06:00PM – End of Tour then drop off at hotel within City

Day 2: Round South Cebu Tour (Oslob Whale Watching + Kawasan Canyoneering)
03:30AM - Pickup at Hotel within Cebu City/Mandaue City/Lapu-Lapu City
06:00AM - Arrival at Oslob Whale Watching Area in Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu

  • Oslob Whale shark Actvity Registration
  • Briefings of Do's and Dont's during the activity
  • Gear Preparations (Snorkel and Life Jacket)
  • Boat Ride to the actual whale shark watching site

Note this maybe extended depending on the number of tourists at the area

7:30AM - Departure from Oslob and Travel to Ginatilan, Cebu for Inambakan Falls Tour
08:20AM - Arrival at Inambakan Falls Drop off/Parking Area then 5-10mins trekking

  • Registration
  • Gear Preparations (Life Jacket Optional)
  • Start of Inambakan Falls Adventures (Level1 - Level5)

Note this maybe extended depending on the number of tourists at the area

10:00AM - Departure from Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, Cebu
10:30AM - Arrival at Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Cebu Adventure head quarters

01:00PM - End of Canyoneering Cebu Adventures then Start of Kawasan Falls Tour / Swimming at Kawasan Falls
02:30PM - End of Kawasan Falls Tour and Adventure and head back to Cebu City or any preferred Drop off area along the way
06:00PM - Arrival at Cebu City/Drop Off


2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N) Cebu Tour Package Prices

2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N) Cebu Tour Package Prices:

  • 2 pax @ Php 9,400 / head
  • 3 pax @ Php 7,400 / head
  • 4 pax @ Php 6,400 / head
  • 5 pax @ Php 6,000 / head
  • 6 pax @ Php 5,600 / head
  • 7 pax @ Php 5,300 / head
  • 8 pax @ Php 5,000 / head
  • 9 pax @ Php 4,850 / head
  • 10 pax @ Php 4,700 / head
  • 11 pax @ Php 4,550 / head
  • 12 pax @ Php 4,400 / head
  • 13 pax @ Php 4,300 / head
  • 14 pax @ Php 4,200 / head
  • ...
  • 1 pax @ Php 15,350 / head

  Note: There will be an addon fee of Php500/foreigner joining Oslob Whale Watching as part of their local and municipal ordinance. (Applicable to foreigners only)


2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N) Cebu Tour Package Inclusions and Exclusions List

Cebu Tour Package 2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N) Inclusions:

  • Air-conditioned Transportation (Van/Suv/Sedan) with driver and fuel
  • Cebu City Tour and Sirao Garden Tour listed venue entrance and parking fees
  • Oslob Whale Watching and encounter fees, boat ride rentals, gear rentals (snorkel and life jacket)
  • Inambakan Falls venue entrance, parking, guide fee and life jacket rentals
  • Kawasan Falls venue entrance and environmental fees
  • Canyoneering Cebu Adventure venue entrance, parking, guide fees, gear rentals (helmet and life jacket)
  • Recovery/Complimentary Meal (Could be taken as Lunch)

Cebu Tour Package 2 Days 1 Nights (2D1N) Exclusions:


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